Strengthen your wrists for a better swing and more distance

Players with weaker wrists need to grip the club more tightly during the swing to accommodate the forces involved in moving the weight of the golf club.  Too much tension in the wrists inhibits your ability to hinge them smoothly and fully, and limits your potential for club head speed through impact.  Tight muscles are slow muscles.  The stronger your hands and wrists are, the more relaxed you can keep your grip pressure during the swing (while still controlling the club) and the more shaft lag you can maintain before releasing the club with ‘greater authority’ at the ball.  There are many things that you can do on a daily basis to build strength in the wrists… even something as simple as wringing out a wet dish cloth a few extra times before hanging it to dry or using one of the many wrist exercise/strength building products on the market.  Stronger hands and wrists are also what are needed to dig your ball out of the longer grass or thick rough, and strength helps to protect against injury during the course of the season.  So when you are thinking about improving your swing, don’t forget to work on the ‘speed hinge’… the wrists.

Dave Lengyel

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