Hitting uphill or downhill shots

If you want to be able to post a good score at RedTail Landing or any other course that has undulation as a ‘defense’, you need to know how to hit it well from hills and valleys.   When hitting shots from ‘uphill or downhill’ lies, it is important to first match your shoulders to the […]

Evaluate your golf season

An easy way to analyze your season… For most of us, the golf season is at an end and it is time to move on to ‘winter activities’.  This means that unless you have a winter golf getaway planned, obsessing over golf will get about a five month break.  Before you turn your golf switch […]

The Fall Golf Checklist

Now that it is getting a little cooler outside it is time to go through the ‘fall golf checklist’… Make sure that you are carrying extra layers for warmth, a toque, cold weather gloves or cart mitts, some air activated charcoal hand warmers, an extra towel and some softer compression golf balls.  Keeping your hands […]

The Swing Transition

There is nothing more rewarding to a golf instructor than to see that a student can feel a swing change during a lesson and improve their ball flight because of it.  Long term changes to a golf swing however take a lot of repetition… practice, practice, practice!  During the time when we try to break […]

What about the little shots?

Far too often during my days of instructing as I stop to survey our fabulous practice facility I see a site that makes me shake my head in wonder… The driving range full of well meaning, yet white knuckled ‘want-to-be long drive champions’ trying to smash their drives to the highway and beyond, and not […]